Definitions of terms:
ETRIPS System: Electronic Tourist Reservation Information Business System on the web-site (hereinafter referred to as ETRIPS)
Holder of service: Zavod PTO AS, Mala ulica 8, Ljubljana (hereinafter referred to as Holder)
System User: System subscriber, Holder of a service and System visitor (hereinafter referred to as User)
System Visitor
: anonymous User of ETRIPS System, using the ETRIPS System according to General conditions of use of ETRIPS System and makes a reservation in accordance to General conditions of accommodation rental (hereinafter referred to as Visitor)
System Subscriber: ETRIPS System User who uses the System in accordance to conditions of use of subscriber modules (hereinafter referred to as Subscriber)
Subscriber Module: set of tools and system functions intended for sale or managing individual form of tourist offer on the web-site.
Accommodation Provider: Accommodation Module Subscriber who manages certain accommodations and their contact persons and owners
1.      Responsibility for data use
Although the service Holder believes all the data in the ETRIPS System are of good quality, correct and up-to-date, the service Holder is not liable for any direct or indirect damages or unpleasantness caused to the User due to possible mistakes or inaccurate data found in the ETRIPS System.
The Holder states that all data and other services offered in the ETRIPS System are available the way they are with no guarantee for their correctness; that is why the Holder does not take any legal responsibility relating to accuracy, perfection or usefulness of any information, product or described procedure.
2.      Responsibility for use of communication network
It is User’s responsibility to use modems and other devices and public communication network in accordance with all regulations, attestations, permits etc. The Holder ensures suitable equipment only on its side and is by no means responsible for any irregularities or illegal handling that occurred due to inappropriate equipment or handling of the User. The Holder is not responsible for termination of access to the ETRIPS System that would occur on the side of the internet service provider (ISP).
The Holder shall to the best of its ability try to advise to the User at the use of communication devices. The service Holder is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages or unpleasantness that could have been caused to the User due to possible troubles or interruption of operation of ETRIPS system. Due to specificity of the nature of ETRIPS system there is always a possibility when using world-wide-web for a third person to access and abuse or destroy the data – that  is why the Holder notifies the Users about the existence of this possibility and excludes any liability in connection to this.
3.      Links to other internet sites
Due to convenience some internet sites of the ETRIPS system may enable links to other internet sites.
Holder is not responsible for attainability or content of these external internet sites, as well the Holder does not approve of, is not liable or does not guarantee for the products, services, information described or offered by the above internet sites. The Holder cannot assume that these external sites respect the same principles regarding respect of privacy as this is done by the system Holder.
4.      Public and private data of users
Public data are all data in individual parts of the ETRIPS system intended for insight of other users, for criteria search, for informing about the offer, for conducting reservations – e.g. data about availability, contact information of User intended for establishing contact and conducting business between guests and subscribers and between subscribers of ETRIPS system.
Public data cannot be used for identification of the service owner, if the owner does not wish that. Under no circumstance is the insight into Subscriber’s business part of the module possible.
Private data of the user are data on the basis of which it is possible to identify individual user and by which an insight into his/her private part of the ETRIPS system use is possible. These data cannot be seen by other users when using the ETRIPS system and are known only to individual user.
Private data include: username, registration password, personal email address, telephone-, fax- and mobile phone number and all the data about business operations in the ETRIPS system.
Indirectly gathered data are information as e.g. type of searcher, IP addresses etc., on the basis of which it is impossible to conclude about the identity of an individual. Such information is gathered about all visitors of the internet site.
5.      Protection of private data about users
The Holder shall protect all private data about the user as a business secret with the following exceptions:
-          company or name and surname and address of the user or email address shall be allowed for the   Holder to use in the ETRIPS system as a list of users or to use these in its reference lists;
-          company or name and surname or email address of the user shall be allowed for the Holder to use at creating various lists for sending notices per post or email;
-          telephone-, mobile-phone- and fax number shall be allowed for the Holder to use at communication with individual user providing there is a reason (help, user support etc.) and for communication with users via SMS messages.
-          data needed for making an on-line reservation, reservation on inquiry or reservation of a salesperson shall be intermediated by the Holder to the processor of the credit cards and to the subscriber with whom the system user has reserved the service.
6.      Changes in privacy policy
Should changes occur in protection of privacy policy, the connection to these changes shall be clearly marked on the ETRIPS internet sites. By this we wish to achieve for the users to be always aware what kind of information are collected, how they are used and under what circumstances, if these exist, the information is revealed. If at any stage it is decided the private data in different way as stated in this Legal notice, the users shall be informed about this via email or otherwise. The users shall be able to choose from other methods of use of their private data, which cannot be done without consent of the individual user.
7.      Copyright protection of data and restriction of data use
Data in the ETRIPS system are protected as a collection of data according to the Copyright and related rights law and to legal order of European Community.
The user shall use the data published in the TRIPS system only for his/her own use and may not forward them or enable a third person to use them without an express consent of the Holder.
The user is not allowed to use and copy individual data and data organized into bases or parts of ETRIS system bases to other computers and to any other media with the purpose of any type of use of these data, structured in the same or in a similar way as they are structured in the ETRIPS system bases.
The user shall be held liable to payment of compensation for the use of data found in the ETRIPS system which is in contrary to provisions of these General conditions of apartment rental.
8.      Copyright
These internet sites contain material that is protected under the copyright law. The participating authors or other holders of copyrights retain the rights for reproduction or redistribution of this material. All the persons reproducing and redistributing this material are expected to respect the conditions and commitments demanded by the authors or copyright holders. Material protected in such a manner can nevertheless be quoted and used bona fide as allowed by the copyright regulations by which the use for non-commercial educational purposes as learning, research, criticism, news and reporting is generally allowed.
The user shall protect the service Holder from any type of claims or lawsuits under the head of violations of copyrights and trademarks of third persons due to data that he/she will write into the ETRIPS system.
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