Vineyard cottage Zdolšek

Vineyard cottage Zdolšek
Šmarje pri Jelšah, Vrh, Savinjska
Vineyard cottage Zdolšek, built in 1790 stands on a beautifull sunside near Šmarje pri Jelšah.
1 xfrom 79€
(N)46o 14' 23.88" (E)15o 29' 59.32"
From vineyard cottage Zdolšek you have a beautiful view at st.Rok ordeal, famous Jelšingrad mansion and vineyards. At Jelšingrad you can play golf or go to Olimje and Rogaška Slatina for thermal relaxation and welness services. 5 kilometers from here you find tourist farm Zdolšek with long-time tradition with home-made food, wine tasting etc. Also you have many options of hiking and cycling.
Basic offer:
credit card payment
own parking space / garage
community room
Additional offer:
Total number of beds: 6
Total number of additional beds: 2
Activities  / Sightseeing
casino (12.0km)
swimming pool - indoor (12.0km)
riding (13.0km)
fishing (2.0km)
golf (1.0km)
tennis court - outdoor (2.0km)
thermal and mineral health resort (12.0km)
Restaurants / Entertainment
restaurant, inn (2.0km)
ambulance and first aid (2.0km)
exchange office (2.0km)
filling station (2.0km)
pharmacy (2.0km)
post office (2.0km)
railway station (2.0km)
bus station (2.0km)
store (2.0km)
tourist information centre (2.0km)
Method of payment: in cash, with credit cards, showing on account
Languages spoken: /
Special offer
Zidanica Zdolšek (120m2) 79€
Inside cottage you find old-fashion-inspired kitchen with living room, two bathrooms, two doublerooms and sauna.
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