Slovenia has been enriched with a new, unique and attractive tourist product called TURIZEM V ZIDANICAH ( Vineyard Cottage Tourism), which is meant for tourists who are looking for authentic and genuine tourist arrangements, for some peace and quiet and a chance to relax in the countryside.

Vineyard cottages are a unique feature in the wine-growing region of Posavje, which includes the wine-growing districts of Dolenjska, Bela Krajina and Bizeljsko-Sremič because nowhere else in the world can you find this many vineyard cottages, wooden wine storage rooms and wine cellars grouped together in such a small area. All these structures stand on the edges of vineyards in splendid locations that offer lovely views. The agricultural part of the vineyard cottage is represented by the cellar, which contains tools and wine; the living quarters on the ground floor consist of a kitchen, toilet, bathroom and sleeping quarters. The vineyard cottages are fully fitted with modern equipment and provide visitors with everything they need for a pleasant vacation (kitchen, living room with a dining area, bedroom, bathroom, toilet, TV, balcony or terrace…).  

While staying in these unique buildings, you will be able to enjoy serenity and quiet contemplation; read a book, take in the beautiful nature and the magnificent scenery, and take time to be with your loved ones…


Who, above all, is Vineyard Cottage Tourism meant for?

Visitors seeking an active vacation experience: hiking, cycling, horseback riding and boating

  • You can get more information at, where you will find the Heritage Trails Net, which covers 1400 km of hiking, cycling, horseback riding and water trails. All the trails are marked and described; the description includes the local tourist offer and attractions that occur along the way. You can print out the routes or transfer the data onto your GPS device, which will then guide and assist you along the way. You can find out more about the trails’ tourist offer through the mobile phone portal

  • swimming and wellness programmes in Terme Krka (the thermal spas in Šmarješke Toplice and Dolenjske Toplice) and Čatež

  • for golf lovers, there are golf courses in Otočec and Mokrice. Otočec has already twice received the award for the best golf course in Slovenia. 

  • the region also provides many opportunities for hunting and fishing (hunting and fishing clubs), playing tennis, flying in a motor glider or balloon or going paragliding; you can also visit a kart racing track, motocross track or a speedway.

Admirers of natural and cultural heritage

  • the natural heritage is shaped by our forests, plains, hills dotted with vineyards; rivers ( the Krka, the Kolpa River, the Krupa River springs); numerous karst caves (the best known among them being the Kostanjevica cave).

  • the cultural heritage is shaped by our numerous churches and castles. Over the centuries, the Church has played a significant role in the life of Dolenjska; churches have, therefore, left their mark on this landscape. The region is also full of important monasteries. Stična monastery (Slovenian Museum of Christianity),  Pleterje Charterhouse (multivision) and Skansen Pleterje (an open-air museum) as well as the former Cistercian monastery in Kostanjevica na Krki, which hosts the Božidar Jakac Gallery. Admirers of the fine arts might enjoy visiting the Trebnje Gallery of Naïve artists, the Kambič Gallery in Metlika and the Jakčev dom Gallery in Novo mesto. A large segment of natural and cultural heritage has been documented on the following website:

  • Dolenjska also has a priceless archeological heritage. After all, its capital, Novo mesto, is known as the town of situlae. This ornamented bronze situla, or pale, is displayed, together with other exquisite archeological specimens at the Dolenjska Museum in Novo mesto. Here, you will have chance to learn about our ancestors’ lives over the past 10,000 years, especially during the reign of the Hallstatt princes, when Dolenjska was one of the most important regions in continental Europe. Those of you who are interested in archeology should visit the Museum of Bela krajina, the church of St. Peter in Gorenji Mokronog, Cvinger (Dolenjske Toplice), the Pastoral centre in Črnomelj, the Mithraeum above Rožanec…

  • one of the most charming attributes of this region is the traditional countryside architecture: small wooden barns, raised granaries, pigsties, beehives and hayracks. The countryside is still pervaded by a strong sense of tradition. It is still possible to visit and admire the old wine shops and vineyard cottages on many vine-covered hillsides.

Visitors who enjoy culinary and gastronomic diversity

The culinary image of the Posavje wine-growing region comes from the integration of the Alpine and Pannonian cuisine and heritage. You will find a wide variety of dishes on the menus of local restaurants: roasted duck with ‘mlinci’ and red cabbage, all kinds of ‘štruklji’ with different stuffing and ‘pogača’ (for example, the Bela krajina festive bread called 'povitica' or 'prosta potica'). The people of Bela krajina are known for their skilful preparation of grilled lamb and suckling pig and for preparing excellent poultry. This also applies to the Bizeljsko region. The wine-growing region of Posavje has made a big step forward in the last few decades in raising the culinary culture for salami and sausages. Throughout this region, salami and sausage festivals are held each year to choose the finest products. You can find excellent meat rolls, stuffed roast pork knuckles, chicken and rabbit stews with ‘žganci’. A local Dolenjska specialty among the Posavje dishes is 'matevž' – a kind of traditional side dish made of mashed beans and potatoes that goes well with meat and stewed cabbage.

Although most vineyard cottages do not provide a catering service, you can discover new culinary treats in local inns, tourist farms, wine shops and restaurants.

It goes without saying that wine lovers will have plenty of opportunity to enjoy the numerous high quality wines that can be sampled at many renowned wineries across the Posavje wine-growing region; starting, of course, with the ‘maverick’ from Dolenjska – Cviček, the only wine in Europe to have less than a 10% alcohol content; it is recommended for moderate consumption by doctors because of its healing properties.  

People who enjoy going to traditional ethnological and other types of events

The Posavje wine-growing region is famous for its numerous traditional events, which are very well organized and well attended (the 'Vinska Vigred' in Metlika, 'Teden cvička' in Novo mesto, 'Trški dnevi' in Žužemberk, 'Semiška ohcet' and 'Jurjevanje' in Črnomelj, 'Cvičkarija', 'Praznik češenj', 'Rock Otočec', 'Topliška
noč', 'Jernejevo', 'Straška jesen', 'Martinovanje', 'Iz trebanjskega koša'… In addition, you can visit various local open-air festivals and events, which abound especially at weekends.

In conclusion, vineyard cottages were built with great care and affection by locals who have become closely attached to them. In the past, they only used to invite their closest friends to their vineyard cottages. Now they wish to share them with you. We hope you grow to cherish them as much as we do..

We wish to welcome you to our corner of the world and our vineyard cottages, where you will feel the warm embrace of vine-clad hills and hospitable locals. We have opened our doors and look forward to your visit. You will see that Vineyard Cottage Tourism offers an interesting, attractive and unforgettable experience when coming here on either a short or long vacation.



Information and reservation:
Novi trg 10
8000 Novo mesto

Tel: ++ 386 (7) 393 1 520
Fax: ++ 386 7 393 1 539

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Vineyard cottage Pokorny
Otočec, Srednje Grčevje, Dolenjska and Bela Krajina
Pokorny Vineyard Cottage - appartment is located on the sunny side ofvery scenic Grčevje vineyards, near Novo Mesto and Otočec.
1 xfrom 78€
Rangusova posest
Šentjernej (Škrivno), Drča , Dolenjska and Bela Krajina
Rangusova posest - appartment is located on a hill, which offers a beautiful view of the Carthusian Monastery Pleterje.
1 xfrom 67€
1 xfrom 80€
Vineyard cottage Bregač
Šmarješke Toplice, Koglo, Dolenjska and Bela Krajina
Bregač Vineyard Cottage -appartment is located among the Koglo vineyards above Šmarješke Spas.
1 xfrom 60€
Vineyard cottage Krštinc
Straža, Zavrtnica, Dolenjska and Bela Krajina
Krštinc Vineyard Cottage - appartment is located among the Straška gora vineyards above the river Krka, between Novo mesto and Dolenjske Spa
1 xfrom 72€
Vineyard cottage Gole
Šentrupert, Hrastno , Dolenjska and Bela Krajina
Gole Vineyard Cottage - appartment is located in the green hills of vineyards above Šentrupert, near Trebnje.
1 xfrom 58€
Vineyard cottage Goršin
Slatenska gora, Križe, Dolenjska and Bela Krajina
Goršin Vineyard Cottage - appartment is located in the Slatenska gora vinyards near Novo Mesto (nice vue on Novo mesto and Gorjanci)
1 xfrom 60€
Vineyard cottage Meglič
Trebnje, Lukovek, Dolenjska and Bela Krajina
Meglič Vineyard Cottage - appartment is situated in vineyards around Trebnje, near the Lanšprež castle and Debenec mountain hut.
1 xfrom 61€
Vineyard cottage Popotnica
Otočec, Srednje Grčevje, Dolenjska and Bela Krajina
Popotnica Vineyard Cottage - apartment is located among the Grčevje vineyards near Otočec and Novo Mesto.
1 xfrom 78€
Vineyard cottage Rataj
Sevno, Trška Gora , Dolenjska and Bela Krajina
Rataj Vineyard Cottage -appartment is located among the Trška gora vineyards near Novo Mesto. It has a nice view to Novo Mesto and Gorjanci
1 xfrom 67€
Vineyard cottage Brodarič
Drašiči, Nova gora, Dolenjska and Bela Krajina
Brodarič Vineyard Cottage -appartment is located among the Nova gora vineyards between Drašiči and Metlika.
1 xfrom 59€
Vineyard cottage Majzelj
Šentjernej, Vrbovci, Dolenjska and Bela Krajina
Majzelj Vineyard Cottage -appartment is located in the vineyards near Pleterje monastery and Šentjernej.
3 xfrom 31€
Vineyard cottage Vidmar
Črešnjice, Črešnjice , Dolenjska and Bela Krajina
Vidmar Vineyard Cottage - appartment is located among the vineyards and orchards in the vicinity of the castle Stari grad and Otočec.
1 xfrom 48€
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